Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I won a prize! New members in my family!

 These days i got awesome things. Some of them were gifts, others were prizes. But i have to brag about them.
Let's start. This year i promissed to myself not to buy nailpolishes anymore, but i may win them or receive them as a gift :D I know, I'm a such a bitch! :D
Well, from the start of this year I have won 5 nail polishes :D, in average, every two months, I grab one :P
Okay, now I counted my nail polishes, i got 49 basic nail polishes, and i didn't count crackle, stamping, nail art thin brush polishes and top coats.
so here are some pictures I made to show you.

This first pic are my the most valuable polishes - ANNY. I heard one of these costs for about 71 €, so I would never buy them by myself.
here are:
yellow-green named FANCY 376,
red-brown named SOUL SISTERS 143, dark orange LATINA 158. and this on  the left is S-he stylezone violet, I don't know which.
Also, I got as a friend's gift a nice cosmetic bag so i put all of them in it.

 And the fanciest of all are those lovely stickers I can't wait to try. 


  1. bravo čestitam :D
    znači zato tebe nema, jer više ne kupuješ lakove :P
    to ne znači da ne smiješ crtati po starima ;)

  2. ah, nije samo to, ne valja mi kamera za neke slike a i nemam noktiju trenutno za pokazat sve iskrzano i izlistano :D