Friday, June 29, 2012

clothes manicure


 Sorry, I didn't notice I have nail polish over my cuticula. Anyway, be concetrated on pictures :) I did a T-shirt, a pair of jeans paints with a belt, a bra and a hat. And a very important thing, I think I found a good postion to take pictures :P

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Golden Rose Graffiti 2

I know I alredy posted a similiar manicure, but I can't resist to do it again because I'm totally in love with these crackle polishes by Golden Rose <3Znam da sam već post-ala sličnu manikuru, ali ne mogu odoljeti da to ne učinim opet jer sam totalno zaljubljena u ove pucajuće lakove od Golden Rose <3

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Judo nails

Well I started from ombre manicure. First I did Essence "What do you think". Then I did Avon "Golden Twilight". It is antracit black with little golden sparkling elements. And with white Golden Rose Nail Art nail polish 101. Over black part of the nails is Essence Twins collection, top coat 02 Julia. The "sign" is japanese word for "judo", japanese martial art. Enjoy the pics.

Nail polishes I used

japanese "judo"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rihanna nails / Fuck off manicure / Avon Sunshine / Smiley nails

Rihanna nails / Fuck off manicure / Avon Sunshine / Smiley nails

I saw this manicure in newspaper and I decided to try. Base is Avon Sunshine. I have it for ages, it's old,  so I used a sponge instead of nail polish brush to do my nails. Otherwise, this baby would take days to dry. It was easy to do the second step. Using nail dotter I did "eyes" and Golden Rose Nail Art 106 for mouth.

  so, why this one in the middle is the only one sad? Why is it called "The fuck off manicure"? :P

Monday, June 18, 2012

Golden Rose Graffiti

I was searching for perfect graffiti/crackle nail polish. I heard about Golden Rose's Graffiti but couldn't find it anywhere. I almost bought China Glaze's which is not at all so good as this one is. Luckily, I was travelling and when I saw it in the market - I was frozen! And then happy as a child. I bought this yellow (08), pink, electric light blue and violet. And there were may various colors, with shimmer or without... I was like a child in Disneyland! Base is pink mr.big by Essence.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Orange & Blue: "IN" combination of summer 2012

It reminds me on circus,and I am not such a great fan of this combination : orange and blue. But great news is that those two together are ultra popular this summer season. Check out my design!
Podsjeća me na cirkus, a nisam veliki ljubitelj ove kombinacije narančasta i plava. Odlična vijest je da ove dvije zajedno su ultra popularna kombinacija ove ljetne sezone. pogledajte moj dizajn!

- Essence: 22 What do you think & Essence: Twins collection 07 Chuck

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Avon: Cosmic Blue

Avon Cosmic Blue
I had a chance to try new sweetie from Avon. The new shade of blue has little blue sparkling elements so it reminds on electric blue but it's a bit lighter. Texture of nail polish, unfotunately, is not so good as normally Avon nail polishes (nailwear pro) are known and we are used. It is too light, colour is not so rich, and you have to apply 3 coats - others Avon nailwear pro need maximum 2, sometimes one is enough. Colour is something between violet and blue, it is cute summer shade but this summer, if you ask me, i'll be rather using Lux Lavender, Peppermint Leaf and Vintage Blue than this one.
Imala sam priliku isprobati novu Avonovu poslasticu. nova nijansa plave ima male svjetlucajuće čestice pa podsjeća na elekto plavu, ali je malo svjetlija. Tekstura laka, nažalost, nije dobra kao što smo navikli na Avonove lakove. Presvijetal je, boja nije tako pigmentirana i gusta, trebate 3 sloja - ostalim Avonovima lakovima trebaju maksimalno 2, nekad je dovoljan i 1. Boja je nešto između ljubičaste i blave, slatka ljetna nijansa, ali ovo ljeto, ako mene pitate, radije ću koristiti  Lux Lavender, Peppermint Leaf i Vintage Blue nego ovu.

Friday, June 15, 2012

FLAKIES = Essence top coat Night in Vegas

Essence top coat Night in Vegas

 I found crazy top coat I've been lookin for. To be honest, I expected something weird in bottle, but it looks like some light "colourless" nail polish. I did it over black Golden Rose 287, because this works better on dark shades. Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with it. =)Pronašla sam napokon ovaj ludi top coat koji sam tražila. da budem iskrena, očekivala sam nešto čudno u bočici, ali izgleda kao neki svijetli prozirni lak. Stavila sam ga preko Golden Rose 287 jer izgleda bolje preko tamnijih nijansi. Svejedno, jako sam zadovoljna njime. =)

Tendril manicure

Evo moje jedne manikure sa omiljenom nijansom - vintage blue iz Avona, pastelna baby plava :) Preko nje ide crveni Golden Rose liner u obliku vitica te točkice. Izgleda veoma fancy a nije teško za napraviti i svaki nokat je drugačiji. =)
Here is one of my manicures with my favourite colour - Vintage blue by Avon, pastel baby blue. :) Over it goes red Golden rose liner in a shape of a tendril and some dots. It looks very fancy and it's not hard to do it and every nail is different. =)

Card nails

 I know the pisture is so bad but i hope you can recognize the shapes of poker cards. One is representing Jocker card :)
Now, "ingridients":
Base is old collection S-he, white colour no. 306
Nail art polishes with thin brush:
- black is Golden Rose 106
- red is Golden Rose 117
- and green is Golden Rose 130